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Update of the overview on the market acceptance of flooring including secondary raw materials

The market acceptance analysis has been extensively updated as it is undoubtedly an important factor in the successful implementation of our Circular Flooring project. As Circular Flooring aims to establish a circular recycling process for plasticized PVC from post-consumer flooring waste, issues related to the general attitude towards the recyclability of flooring products and the acceptance of recyclates in these products are of decisive importance.

Our project partner ERFMI, the European Resilient Flooring Manufacturers’ Institute VZW, which is responsible for the analysis of the usability of the PVC recyclates resulting from the Creasolv® process, developed a questionnaire to investigate the importance of the recyclability of flooring products among different participants of the flooring market as well as private individuals at the Domotex2020 flooring exhibition and the BAU2023 trade fair. In a first step, 107 visitors to Domotex2020 have were interviewed, including flooring manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, flooring installers as well as architects and private persons. After an interruption caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic, ERFMI interviewed more than 50 visitors to BAU trade fair in Munich, including flooring manufacturers as well as private individuals.

Despite the partly different backgrounds of the interviewees, similar results were found for both the first and the second event. In general, a positive demand for recycled content can be observed and there is a positive trend regarding the acceptance of recycled content in products.

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