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New Products from Waste PVC Flooring and Safe End-of-Life Treatment of Plasticizers

The project Circular Flooring started in June 2019 and is running for four years until May 2023. The consortium will receive about 5.4 million Euros through European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme to implement this Research and Innovation project. Eleven project partners of companies, research institutes and associations from Austria, Belgium, France, Germany and Greece, together with seven Linked Third Parties, join forces to elaborate and further develop the PVC recycling process. The aim of Circular Flooring is to further develop and upscale the patented CreaSolv® Recycling Process that constitutes an exquisite, sustainable way of recycling post-consumer PVC floor coverings. It is an innovative technology to separate specific phthalate plasticizers from the PVC and transform them into substances, which are compliant with the European REACH regulation. At the end of the project, a technological readiness level of 5 to 6 shall be reached, therefore actively contributing to the establishment of a circular economy for plastics in the European Union.

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Upcoming Events

- 09-02-2023
Munich, Germany
Fraunhofer CCPE Summit »Circular Plastics – Get into the loop«
- 20-04-2023
Bergamo, Italy
The European exhibition and conference for Waste Management and the Circular Economy