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Circular Flooring at COP27

COP27 this year has most likely been the largest gathering of climate change actors worldwide, with about 45,000 participants. This Conference of Parties (in short: COP) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (in short: UNFCCC) was the 27th of its kind and took place from November 6-20 in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt. COP27 serves as a forum for climate change related negotiations of governments to move towards the 1.5°C goal, with many observing organizations. It further builds a discussion and exchange platform for the public, private and civil society sector on latest technologies and developments within the field.

In this line, we had the chance to present Circular Flooring amongst other EU-funded projects at this major event. Project partner BayFOR participated in the joint booth of the German-Arab Chamber of Commerce and Industry at COP27’s Green Zone. It offered the great opportunity to speak to like-minded people from all other the world and see how they implement climate change solutions on the ground.

Despite the high expectations to the negotiations, the conference had to be extended for two more days to being able to draw conclusions on controverse points. The main outcome of COP27 is the establishment of the loss and damage fund, which shall be fed by wealthy nations to relieve developing countries from their financial burden of climate change impacts. Additionally, the will to reach the 1.5°C goal has been reinforced. Both is included in the Sharm El-Sheikh Implementation Plan.

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