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Bringing Science to Society

On the public Bavarian Europe Day on 21 May in Nuremberg (Germany), actors from a wide range of institutions came together in order to inform about diverse matters of EU policy and ambitions. Our project partner BayFOR presented our Circular Flooring project, along with many other EU-funded projects of the sector environment and circular economy (e.g. LIGNOFLAG – which builds a commercial plant for the production of climate-friendly biofuel (cellulosic ethanol) from agricultural residues, and CIRCULAR FoodPack – that aims to facilitate the circular use of plastic packaging even for the most sensitive product category, food.

Interested persons of various backgrounds and age groups inform themselves about PVC recycling and the EU’s ambition towards a green and climate-neutral future. In addition, Circular Flooring samples were presented in order to showcase the different stages of the recycling process and to give not only a theoretical but above all a practical and touchable insight into the project. The samples encompassed shredded PVC waste from post-consumer flooring as it will be used as input material for the recycling process, dissolved CreaSolv® PVC solution, PVC recyclate as a powder and a flooring sample made from the recycled PVC.

But it was not only the Bavarian Europe Day that took place in Nuremberg. It was directly followed by the Long Night of Science, where Circular Flooring was part of the exhibition once again. In addition to numerous exciting attractions such as robots, lasers or car racing tracks driven by their own power, participants actively engaged in exploring the Circular Flooring samples and the “research quiz” about the project and could win some little prizes, which especially attracted families with their kids to explore science.

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